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Award winning children's book author-illustrator Mark Mitchell will share the secret of unlocking beautiful color in your artwork.      

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Learn the secret of conjuring lovely color in your artwork every time.

The 14  free, easy lessons of  Power Color: Creating Perfect Palettes For Your Illustrations will move you from color naive to color savvy as they take you for a most unusual spin around the color wheel. You’ll see the difference in your paintings almost immediately.

“In all of my research (on-line and in books) in the last several 
years, I have never come across a clearer, more workable approach to color that can be applied practically to a painting…and I have looked far and wide for this information, recognizing that it was of  major importance….

"The need for a sustainable, predictably successful approach to color -- for illustration as well as fine art -- became crystal clear to me when I switched from oil painting to watercolors…the old ‘keep messing with it until it’s right’ approach just was NOT working with watercolor…

“As you predicted, the results are immediately recognizable.  I heave a huge sigh of relief!" 

Susan Sorrell Hill
artist, Northern California


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